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Be Prepared For Your Next Flight

You have probably been in a situation when five minutes before going on a trip you start looking for a charger or passport, looking all around for the second sock and siting on a suitcase fighting to close it. Avoid the trap of madness before traveling and prepare yourself in time with these travel tips.

Travel in Comfort

With any kind of transport, you are traveling, the most important thing is to be comfortable. Wear sneakers or sandals, and take a spare pair of socks if you like to take off your shoes during the trip. If your feet are prone to swelling, wear a little wider footwear, possibly half the size of your foot.

Packing List

Organized traveler makes multiple lists. You need to have a packing list, a reminder of everything you need for travel, such as passports, phone chargers or toothbrushes, list for what you need to visit at the destination, list of emergency calls etc. Save your lists and the next time you travel; you will have them ready. You may not have access to the fast and free internet at the destination or you will not even have the Internet at all. So at home, “download” all books, music, movies and series, if you plan to carry a laptop or tablet.

Hire Private Taxi

Check your airline ticket: is the name and surname written identically as in the passport, title, destination, date of departure and landing. Be at least an hour and a half before the flight at the airport. This can be challenging since you never know when are you going to be stuck in traffic. Being late for your flight is definitely one of the worst nightmares. Therefore, we suggest you hire private taxi. Organized trip to your airport can reduce your stress significantly. With chauffeur cars Melbourne you can book your airport transfer to the airport and enjoy ride with professional and experienced driver who will make sure that you arrive at the airport on time, in comfortable car.

Personal Travel Pack

Traveling by plane can significantly affect your skin, whether it’s dry or greasy. Therefore, if you want to get to the desired destination, and to look great, you need to nourish yourself during the flight. Get small, travel variants of your skin care products and put them in a transparent cloth so as to avoid unnecessary problems when passing beside security at the airport. During the summer you need only wet face wipes, hydrating mask, hydrating cream, surrounding cream, pasta and toothbrush. Leave everything else in the suitcase. For additional refresh, take a bottle of thermal water or active oxygen.

Keep Your Documents Safe.

For stress free trip, you need only one smaller bag for your passport, roadmap, credit card and money. All this can fit you in a wallet and you can keep the passport in a special case if you want it to be extra safe. Take one smaller wallet you will use during your vacation. Do not forget, if you are traveling by plane, you will collect more paper, passageway for boarding, barge, etc. When you arrive at the hotel, you have to put your passport in the safe, so you do not have to think about it and enjoy your vacation.

Mark Your Suitcase

Certainly, people dressed in elegant clothes, high heels and with “Louis Viton” bags can only be seen on the movie. But if you want to make it easier for you to stack your suitcase and hand baggage, as well as to avoid paying for extra pounds because you have exceeded the allowed weight of your luggage, get ready in advance. Buy luggage in some kind of color to make it easier to recognize. Do not forget to mark the suitcase with a special luggage carrier, where your name, address and e-mail should be written, in case your luggage is lost. And, make sure to buy a suitcase with the code, because you will have the less thing to worry about.

Hygiene is Important to Keep you Healthy

To be ill, and far from home, only increases stress. Winter trips increase the risk of colds and flu. Be prepared by immunizing against flu. Wash your hands frequently and use an antibacterial gel to protect against bacteria. Dress up comfortable layers of clothing.In the summer, watch the heat and dehydration.

Eat Healthy Food

The empty stomach makes the passengers unhappy. It’s easier to win some snacks, especially for toddlers. Choose healthy snacks with lots of protein or fiber, which provide a long-lasting sense of satiety, such as stinging or dry fruit, cheese, and hard egg image. Do not overuse with juices and other fluids because you will often go to the toilet, which is not always available.